Glen Coben

New York Architect Glen Coben credits his father’s engineering projects for inciting his passion for architecture and interior design. 

A graduate of Cornell University, Coben worked as a teaching assistant in the College of Hotel Management, surveyed architectural ruins in Rome, and worked as a field architect in Sardis, Turkey, before starting a full-time career in architectural construction and design in New York. 

From 1987 to 1992 Coben worked as an associate for the architecture and design office of SITE Projects, Inc. There, some of his projects included: The Plaza and Park at Ross’s Landing, in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee; The Four Continents Bridge in Hiroshima, Japan; and The Isuzu Space Station, a children’s park in Yokohama, Japan.

In 1992, Coben joined NIKE’s retail design division as the Director of Store Planning and Retail Design. At NIKE, his responsibilities included overseeing the architectural and interior design of all domestic and international NIKETOWNS. Coben used his expertise in retail interior design to help a global brand adhere to its global mission statement while simultaneously staying regionally and locally relevant. During this time, Coben also served on the company’s internal diversity advisory board. 

In 1996, Coben joined the Rockwell Group and became a principal leading a group of more than 30 architects, designers and personnel in the creation, development and implementation of location-based entertainment and hospitality facilities all over the world. His projects included: The Theater for the Academy Awards, Hollywood, California for Trizec Hahn Centers; The Hacienda Football Stadium, Los Angeles, California for Michael Ovitz; The Coca-Cola Sky Field, Atlanta, Georgia.

 In 2000, Coben opened Glen & Company to provide custom architectural and interior design for luxury and boutique hotels, restaurants, food halls and residential spaces. Coben’s design projects showcase how brands can successfully use architectural and interior design elements to integrate into the lives of customers by creating spaces that not only enhance the guest experience, but also reinforce an individual brand’s core values. 

Current Glen & Company projects include the architectural and interior design, development and implementation for several value-oriented New York hotels.

Glen & Company projects have been published in Hospitality Design, Metropolis, Interior Design and the The New York Times. In 2002, the firm was a Hospitality Design Gold Key Award Finalist for Guest Room Design for the Flatotel. In 2003, the firm was recognized again by Hospitality Design as one of The New Breed .

Glen Coben is a member of Board of Advisors of Culintro, a culinary trade organization that provides insights on culinary trends and serves as a gateway for culinary industry development. Additionally, Coben recently served as an Assistant Visiting Professor of Interior Design at Pratt Institute.